The Troubles in Tymanther
Preparing for the Attack

Rifts have started to crop up all over the world. The party has been summoned to investigate one of the larger rifts that has appeared over the ruins of Unthalass. Rhogar Kerrhylon, has provided them with some information on the area but the scholars that were in the area when the rift opened could possibly provide more information.

The party waits until morning before leaving for  Tymanther, when they are teleported to the town of Ruinspoke. In Ruinspoke, there are various Dragonborn scholars that study the ancient ruins of the area. One of the scholars narrowly survived after venturing into a pyramid after Gilgeam was spotted leaving it. The scholars inside were trying to escape the attacks of a mummy lord when suddenly a man with a red skull mask by the name of Lord Shuruppak attacked them, slaughtering most of them. One of them escaped with his life, though seriously injured. 

After speaking to the remaining scholar they headed to the pyramid to investigate. They worked their way though the pyramid until they came upon the rift. The mummy has allowed them to leave his tomb unharmed if they will deal with the rift that is disturbing his slumber. The party accepts his offer and ventures into the rift to investigate.

They come across a slave girl that brings them to the captain of the guard where, with some deception they manage to aquire quite a bit of information about the rifts and an upcoming attack on Djerad Thymar. After getting as much information as they could the killed the guard captain and returned through the portal.


Experience points received: 3,000

So it begins...
Journeying into the Abyss

The party began their journey when they received summons by Pyre to meet with her assistant Sylthana. Sylthana met them at the Northern Gate of Waterdeep before leading them further north to a shimmering door in the middle of a rocky plane. The door lead to Uverrith Lightglade's magical abode. Uverrith hired the party for a rescue mission. Her companion, Brentan and their group of arcane scholars went missing after exploring the ruins of an abandoned temple to the god Myrkul. Behind a hidden door in the temple the party found a gate to the Abyss. With some hesitation they eventually made their way through and found themselves in the Gaping Maw, the home of the Demogorgon. 

Brentan and the other scholars had set up camp a short ways from where the party came through the gate. Brentan has succumb to the delusion that he was destined to rule the Abyss and the party had to forcibly return him and the other scholars back to the Material Plane. The party aquired a Cubic Gate and a sum of money for their aid and were quickly wisked away by Pyre, who had arrived since their departure into the Abyss, to the Counsel of Waterdeep where Lady Silverhand awaited their arrival.

Lady Silverhand and Vanquisher Rhogar Kerrhylon beseeched the party to aid in a rift that opened in the Ruins of Unthalass. This particular rift poses a large threat as the demigod Gilgeam has appeared out of it. The rift appears to lead not to another plane but instead to the same location, only in the past.


The party has received the following experience for this session: 5,625 xp


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